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Chook 'saddle'
  • These 'saddles' are great for helping protect a hen from a too attentaive or overly enthusiastic rooster during breeding season. They help retain feathers & minimise the risk of injury on breeding females. The 'saddles' are available in small, medium & large sizes to cater for different size chooks & are supplied in a random assortment of colours, some plain, some with pattern. 

    Chook 'saddle'

    • A stitched double layer of cotton fabric shaped to cover the back & sides of the hen & held in place by thick elastic loops that fit over the wings. Robust enough to offer some protection & cool enough for Summer temps. A 'saddle' helps protect a hen from damage by a rooster's claws & spurs during mating. (Male spurs & claws ought be trimmed ahead of breeding to help further females.)  Most hens adapt quickly to the addition of a 'saddle', but some can take a few hours to grow accustommed to it.Typically lasts a breeding season. If fraying or ripped, remove from hen & discard. Care instructions: machine wash if desired.

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