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4th Generation Australian Farmers

In addition to farming sheep & cattle, we've also run chickens for decades & of all the breeds we've kept, our favourites are the heritage breeds of

Rhode Island White

& Rhode Island Red

We're also working on creating our very own utility breed, the 'Bungowannah'.


We breed standard size Rhode Island White (RIW) in both rose & single comb varieties & Rhode Island Red (RIR) single combs & we are committed to the preservation & proliferation of these fabulous & relatively rare, heritage breeds.


We are also developing a new utility breed (combining Barnevelders, Black Leghorns, Rhode Island Reds & Quambys), called 'Bungowannahs'.


 Over the decades, we've run quite a number of different poultry breeds, but years ago settled on RIWs as our absolute favourite, for their wonderful combination of aesthetics, utility (a dual purpose breed offering meat & eggs) & fabulous temperament ...& more recently, have added the equally endearing RIRs.


We hatch out reasonable numbers of poultry annually, from which we make selections with consideration of the Australian Poultry Standards. Birds are offered for sale mostly June to August, with preference to purchasers wanting trios or quads.

Fertile eggs are also sold between our own incubations in Spring.


We send birds & eggs Australia-wide.

Located in SE Queensland (near Gympie/ Kilkivan), we are happy to meet transport or deliver to Kilkivan, Goomeri, Gympie or Buderim.


RIW (single comb)


RIWs (rose comb)

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